Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mondays with Kids in the Kitchen

Hey everyone, so I've joined a group where I'm going to post the adventures on Mondays that my girls and I have in the kitchen.  My two at home, are Rena - 13 and Krystal - 15, both love to cook and help out alot in kitchen.  Suffering from chronic pain with my Fibromyalgia, they help out alot, I'm very lucky on that aspect.

This week they made on their own, Christmas Sugar Cookies and my favorite, Snicker-doodles.  Krystal had also made by scratch on her own, the BEST cinnamon rolls, didn't get a pic, but I will next time.

Bringing your kids into the kitchen, not only gives you quality time together but can also help you share with them family recipes and even incorporate school lessons.  My girls are home schooled and cooking makes addition and especially fractions fun.



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