Friday, October 1, 2010

Ghoulish Punch

* 32 Servings

* Prep: 10 min. + freezing

* 12 gummy spiders

* 1 vinyl glove

* 1 gallon tropical fruit punch, chilled

* 2 liters lemon-lime soda, chilled

* 1 quart raspberry sherbet


* Pour water into an ice cube tray; add a gummy spider to each of 12 compartments. Freeze for at least 4 hours. Fill glove with water; tie or seal and freeze for at least 4 hours.

* In a 7-qt. punch bowl, combine punch and soda. Add sherbet and ice cubes. Remove glove from hand-shaped ice; add to punch. Serve immediately. Yield: 32 servings (6 quarts).

Ghoul Punch published in Simple & Delicious September/October 2008, p37

Tip Creepy Cauldron:
To create a spooky scene at your Halloween party, purchase dry ice from your local grocery store's seafood department or ice supplier. Using tongs or thick gloves, place the dry ice in a watertight container; cover with water. Warm water will create more smoke, but it will disappear quickly. Cooler water will produce less dense smoke, but it will last longer. If the amount of smoke decreases during your party, add more dry ice and water.

Editor's Note: Do not handle dry ice with your bare hands. Use tongs or thick gloves. Keep dry ice out of the reach of children.



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