Thursday, December 1, 2011

Meal Planning

Being a mom and wife suffering from chronic pain due to back issues, digestive issues and severe Fibromyalgia, I'm tired of wasting money eating out and looking at 5:30 in the fridge and freezer trying to decide what I can make for dinner that everyone will like and that will be done before 9pm.  So, I've created a goal for myself of finding some quick recipes or prepare ahead recipes that are both healthy, delicious and could be cooked ahead of time and put into the freezer to pull out on those nights where I've had bad pain days.  With all this comes the need of some menu planning. 

So, in addition to the recipes I share here (not all healthy, lol) I'm sharing with you today some of the menu planning and recipe sites I've found.  Please feel free to share ones you've found and if you a similar blog would love to trade buttons and promotions.

1. Eating Well

2. $5 Dinners

3. Recipe Link

4. Kid Approved Meals

5. Saving Dinner (This one has a fee on some items, but I got a FREE fondue recipe sheet just for visiting)



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