Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cocktails - Easy On The Calories

Some nights it's nice to have a cocktail or go out with friends but you don't want calorie counting to get in the way, so here's a few low-cal cocktail recipes that will be kind on the waist line without forfeiting taste.

Mio Vodka:

Fill cup with ice, pour one shot of Vodka (any flavor), add your favorite flavor of Mio, stir and garnish with a fresh lemon slice.

Lime Vodka:

Make a pitcher of your favorite flavor of Crystal Light, fill your cup with ice & add a shot of Vodka, add your chilled Crystal Light and stir.  Finish by squeezing juice from 1 lime wedge. Enjoy!

Vodka Cranberry (One of my favorites):

Chill a bottle of sugar free or diet cranberry juice.  Fill your cup with ice and add a shot of vodka.  Top the remaining of the glass with the cranberry juice.  You can enhance by adding club soda if you choose.  Garnish with a lemon slice.



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